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The Woodlands, Texas

High Accountability Sober Living

Welcome Home


The residents in our home ease into a healthy lifestyle while experiencing real life responsibilities, social norms, and gaining valuable work and living skills. Life in sober living keeps distractions to a minimum, ensuring that residents stay focused on their path towards sober, independent living. Participants reinforce the lessons and habits learned in treatment with a 12-step, spiritually-based program.


A sense of community is formed, creating a personal network of peer support bonding with other individuals going through the journey together. The house is clean, fully-furnished, and bedrooms are large and comfortable.

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What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living house is a residence for those who have detoxed off of drugs/alcohol, ideally have completed treatment at a residential treatment center, or who are currently participating in an PHP/IOP program. Sober homes provide daily support and structure in a cooperative living arrangement and assist the newly sober person in transitioning back into society to live independently.

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What is the structure at the house?

Creating new routines and maintaining a regular schedule after residential treatment is key to transitioning to a normal and healthy lifestyle. Residents participate in activities outside of the house that support recovery including sober fun activities, off-site 12-step programs, and employment assistance. Residents participate in coaching by the experienced house manager and regular house meetings. On-demand and random toxicology screening are conducted to ensure accountablility and  safety of all residents. 

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