The Mother Behind The Mask

A few days ago someone replied to a post of mine that made me really think about how the #stigma of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) not only exists for those that struggle with SUD, but also the loved-ones of these individuals. In particular, parents and #mothers like me. I am the mother of four adult sons, two with SUD. Although both sons are in recovery today, the journey has been extremely difficult and painful. For years I beat myself up every day, thinking that in some way

Grieving The Death Of My Son

This post is going to start out rather sad and harsh, but stick with me and hopefully I can offer some light and hope to someone out there struggling with a loved one with Substance Use Disorder (SUD). My journey began in 2006. This was the year that I had to face the fact that my #BeautifulBoy had a real problem with substance abuse. However, little did I know at that time, this was only the tip of the iceberg and things would get much worse. It was August 14, 2006, and I wa