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Our Story,

by Randy and Tanya Cook

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Emunah Recovery Home & Services owners, Randy and Tanya Cook, truly understand the cycles of addiction. When their four adult sons were young, the thought of any of them becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol was simply unimaginable. Feeling like they were doing all the right things, Randy and Tanya had only the highest of aspirations for each of their four sons.  


But then things changed when not one, but two of their sons began abusing drugs. Being the loving supportive parents that they are, the Cooks threw themselves into learning all that they could about substance use disorder, and immediately sought out help for their sons and themselves. To include inpatient and outpatient treatment centers, co-occurring therapy and treatment, and sober home living.  


This process lingered for well over a decade in the Cook household, but the support for their sons and the belief that recovery was possible never wavered. Between their strong faith in God, the support from their extended family, and the many family educational sessions in which they attended...they remained strong in their resolve.  


As the years went on, God began to show them that what was meant for their harm, God would turn into something good. "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." Genesis 50:20. God began to reveal a vision for how they were to turn their years of pain into a purpose, and meaning into a ministry.  


One evening their son invited Tanya to attend a local NA meeting with him where she was introduced to a young man in recovery.  This young man needed a ride home after the meeting, and Tanya and her son gladly offered him a ride. In doing so, the young man invited the two of them to attend a small group bible study at his home. Within a short timeframe, the bible study (made up of predominantly recovering addicts) grew to a size that required a larger space. Fast forward to today, the Cooks have been the host home for this bible study, still going strong since 2015! 


Understanding the importance that sober home living played in their own son’s treatment plans, the Cooks felt a calling to open a sober home living house for individuals in early recovery. With the help of many prayer partners, they prayed over this idea until they received God’s confirmation that they should move forward.  


After 25 years of working as an HR executive in a healthcare setting, by January 2018, Tanya had left her full-time job to focus on fulfilling what her and her husband felt were their true calling and passion in life. And from there, Emunah Recovery Home and Services was born!  


Feeling that God’s purpose for her was bigger than one home and seven residents, Tanya went on to become an Arise trained interventionist so that she could broaden her outreach to all demographics, including the families that are all too often unprepared to deal with the addictions of a loved one. Tanya spends much of her time conducting interventions and continuing care, helping individuals and families find treatment solutions, performing and/or arranging for sober transports, and being hands-on and part of the lives of the residents at Emunah Recovery Home.  

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